The Zhong Nan (Cheng Ming) martial arts system represents the most complete set of knowledge, passed down by Grand Master Wang Shu-Chin to his successor Master Wang Fu-Lai. This is one of the most complete systems in the world for learning the martial arts styles of Pa-Kua Chang and Hsing-I Chuan. Additionally Grand Master Wang Shu-Chin developed a series of movement (Kata) in Tai Chi that incorporates his knowledge in Pa-Kua Chang and Hsing-I Chuan and is known today as the Cheng Ming style of Tai Chi. The name of the system was given by Master Wang Fu-Lai after the common nickname of Grand Master Wang Shu-Chin – Cheng Ming, which means “honest and moral understanding”.

The international Cheng Ming association is the only martial arts association officially recognized by the Taiwanese government. Since its inauguration it has spread across the globe and is represented today by branches in Japan, Israel, Argentina, Australia, Europe and the United States.

The goal of the system is to encourage harmony between body and soul, to improve the student’s capabilities on both the physical and mental levels and to spread out the legacy of Grand Master Wang Shu-Chin around the world. It is a system that operates according to the ancient tradition of the martial arts, in which seriousness, diligence and loyalty to the way of the teacher are both a prerequisite and an important asset. Master Wang Fu-Lai always says that in order to reach a high level in martial arts, the students must remember three rules: “confront yourself, remain humble and don’t forget where you came from”.